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Our multidisciplinary approach to pain management or accident recovery starts with evaluation by a medical doctor. Treatment plans and services then can include: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Physical Therapy, Prescription medications, Psychological evaluations, Impairment and Disability determinations.

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At Cherdack Pain Management & Rehabilitation, our focus is to not only treat your symptom, but the root of the problem – the disease itself. Our clinic offers a team approach, using non- invasive, non-surgical techniques to treat the source of your pain. Our goal is to give patients increased mobility, relieve their pain and help them avoid surgeries. With an integrated, multi-specialty approach to pain management, we will create the plan to put you on the road to recovery.

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Opiate and Non-Opiate Pharmacological Pain Management   Our medical staff is trained in non-opiate and opiate drug based management of chronic pain. Although our philosophy is to correct the sources of pain thus avoiding the need for long-term medications, sometimes there is no other solution. Many other physical rehabilitation clinics and general medical practitioners do Read More ...
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Many of the chronic pain patients that we treat in our office have been injured as a result of car accidents. These patients come to our office for care often times after they have come to the unfortunate realization that the treatment of there injuries is not covered by either their auto insurance, or the Read More ...
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Back Pain and Neck Pain Lower back pain In the United States, lower back pain costs about $100 billion per year, believe it or not. This comes in the form of related health care costs; these have double in the time passed since the 1990s as noted from University of North Carolina researchers. The cause Read More ...
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Our goal is to provide conservative treatment for all injuries as an initial course of care if at all possible. Sometimes however, there is no other solution then to pursue a more invasive approach. In these cases, we often refer to a Physiatrist, or Physical Pain and Rehabilitation specialist. These doctors are board certified to Read More ...

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