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Denver Pain Management Clinic

Our Approach and Philosophy at the Denver Pain Management Clinic

For most people, pain management is an isolated and temporary condition that can be treated and relieved. But for some, pain is much more complex. Chronic pain can be so debilitating and overwhelming that it can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. These disorders can literally change a person’s life — affecting everything from job performance to personal relationships. It’s in these complex cases that a more comprehensive, multidimensional remedy is needed — patients need an integrated, multi-disciplinary approachdesigned specifically for the individual patient. Such an approach addresses the needs of the whole person…body, mind, and spirit.Our state-of-the-art facility accepts self-referrals, as well as referrals from physicians, employers, third-party payers, and lawyers.

Cherdack Denver Pain Management Clinic

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Our physicians understand the importance of an accurate diagnosis and appropriate care for pain management, and use a variety of methods to diagnose and treat patient symptoms.
Joel Cherdack DC, Founder, President

Dr. Joel Cherdack is the President and Founder of ...

Dr. Michael Cantor DO

Dr. Cantor is an avid pioneer working and educating in ...

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Pain Management For Uninsured Patients

The Denver Pain Management Clinic is committed to working with uninsured patients.

Pain Diagnosis

Denver’s Pain Specialists

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy to Manage Pain

Acupuncture Treatment

Denver’s Acupuncture Treatment Specialists

Accident Rehabilitation

Overcoming An Accident

Compassionate Pain Management in Denver

Pain management is not the same as surgical treatment

Back Pain and Neck Pain Management

Our physicians take considerable experience into account when working to identify the cause of your pain

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